World record: 100 kisses for Veena on her birthday

veena malik kissesVeena has decided to set a new Guinness World Record of being kissed more than 100 times in one minute on her birthday which falls today (Tuesday). Veena will be kissed by contestants of a reality show called ‘The City that Never Sleeps – Bollywood Hunt’.

Veena, in a statement published in Times of India, expressed her excitement over the world record and said that it would be a “huge birthday gift” for her.

She thanked the producer and director of her film ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ for giving her the opportunity of marking her name in the world record.

Veena, originally a Pakistani Lollywood actress, came into the limelight after she participated in an Indian reality show, Bigg Boss. She was later featured nude on the cover of an Indian magazine, but she claimed that her picture was morphed.

During the month of Ramazan, Veena also hosted a religious show called ‘Astaghfar’ on Hero TV which caused public uproar.

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