Imran Khan First Address to the Nation after selected The Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan

Corruption, tourism, education, debt and health are just a few points that the newly-elected Prime Minister Imran Khan had talked about and provided a brief overview of the solutions for these issues in his astounding first address to the nation.

The speech was broadcast at 9:30pm by the state-run TV following recitation from the Holy Quran and playing of the national anthem. The prime minister launched a wide-ranging austerity campaign and reiterated to root out corruption and bring back the money transferred abroad.

“If we do not change our own mindset, this nation is bound to fail. In order to shape this country into the ‘Naya Pakistan’, we need to change our thinking,” the PTI chairman said, adding that the law needs to be kept above everyone regardless of their ‘power’ or designation. “We are heading towards a very disastrous road and to avoid that, we need to change our ways,” the PM warned.

Talking about Pakistan’s health situation, the PM explained that our country is among the only five nations in the world whose mortality rate is extremely high for the children under the age of five. He also said that most of our children also experience stunted growth due to the lack of a good diet. “The number of women, who die during childbirth, is also very high in our country,” he added.

Imran Khan First Address to the Nation after selected The Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan
For this, the PM said that he would improve the situation of the government hospitals so that everyone could get good healthcare. “Building a hospital from scratch is easier than improving already built hospitals. But, I will constitute a task-force for this matter and we will provide high-quality healthcare to every Pakistani,” the PM said.

On education, the PM said that the state of government schools and madrasas was terrible. “We need to work towards fixing the situation at all our government schools so that the poor can get good education as well,” he said. Imran also said that the middleclass families struggle to give their children good education through the private school, so the government would work towards making the people trust public school.

“There is a dire need to create opportunities for the youth,” Imran said. He also said that interest-free loans would be given the youth of our country in order to start businesses, which will in-turn help the nation as their income would generate taxes and if the business is successful, through their company, the name of our country would shine.

The PTI chairman also said that the farmers of our country would be empowered. He said that the farmers would be given every kind of help so that they do not need to import seeds from abroad, through which, the cost of the agriculture products would be reduced.

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