Indian poet Munawar Rana for peace deal between Pakistan, India

DALLAS: A Dallas base US NGO South Asia Democracy Watch delegation met with the prominent Urdu poet and former President of Utter Pardesh Urdu Academy Munawar Rana and Indian Famous poet Chairman of Hindustan Academy and UP’s provincial minister Sunil Jogi.

The delegation discussed the perspective of peace in South Asia with visiting scholars. The delegation included the members’ board of directors Syed Fayyaz Hassan, Muzaffar Kashmiri and Raja Zahid Akhtar Khanzada.

On the occasion the proclaimed Munawar Rana said Pakistan and Bangladesh can sit together and sign a 25 years no war pact among us, it will change the destiny of people of South Asia.

He questioned as what we got from fighting each other in last sixty years. He said that western countries sell their arms to us over and over again by keeping us fighting.

Rana suggested that when India and Pakistan meet on secretary level, the mothers of their Prime Ministers should also be included in the discussion as when a mother is in between the most complex issues between people get resolved.

People drop their weapons and resolve issues through dialogues. He said that it is information age where media is a formidable force and people cannot be misled very easily.

India and Pakistan have free media and people have love for each other. He said to promote peace in the region both countries should allow their poets; writers, intellectuals and journalists to visit each other’s countries. .

On the occasion India Academy Chairman and UP state Minister poet Sunil Jogi has said that politicians in Asian countries keep fighting with each other while intellectuals and national poets keep themselves busy in spreading love and tranquility.

He said that people should realize that only these people can bring path to peace to the region and can play a major role in the dialogue.

On the occasion Alnoor International chairman and Dallas famous poet Noor Amrohvi, Younus Ijaz , S K Mittal, mrs Joti, were also present during the meeting


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