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Apple Leaks ‘Confirm’ Radical New iPhone

Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone is changing. For months we have know Apple AAPL +0.53% plans to shake up the design of its famous phones, but now a consistent picture is emerging of just how ambitious the company’s plans are… A pair of new leaks have shed light on what many people are calling the ‘iPhone 8’ (though I think it will have …

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Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone catches fire on Southwest plane

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Southwest Airlines flight 994 from Louisville to Baltimore was evacuated this morning while still at the gate because of a smoking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. All passengers and crew exited the plane via the main cabin door and no injuries were reported, a Southwest Airlines spokesperson told The Verge. More worrisome is the fact that the phone in question …

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Google launches its own mobile network for Nexus 6 owners

Google Mobile Network

Google announces Project Fi, a mobile network that will piggyback existing services in the US but offer different terms. The announcement follows months of speculation and rumour and confirms almost all leaked details, including its partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile to use their mobile signal. Google is now a mobile carrier. Today the company has made official its plan to …

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Review: Galaxy S6 phones are Samsung’s best yet

Galaxy S6 phones are Samsung's best yet

NEW YORK (AP): A better design, a sharper camera and easier-to-use software make the new Samsung Galaxy S6 phones the best Samsung has yet to offer. Although Samsung has been praised for its improved hardware, much of what I like is in the software specifically, what s not in it. After a few years of making phones difficult to use with …

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Ufone Announces New 3G Packages

Ufone New 3G Packages

Ufone has always been coming up with initiatives designed to give its customers the very best, and continuing with this tradition, they have discontinued its all previously offered 3G packages. Ufone today announced a revision in its entire 3G packages portfolio and announced around 10 new 3G packages, removing speed based variants and adding new features to the service. According …

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Smashed your HTC One? No problem, they’ll replace


NEW YORK (AP): Cracked your screen or dropped your phone in the toilet? No problem, if you buy HTC s new One smartphone. Starting next month when new phones go on sale, HTC will replace damaged phones free of charge during its normal 12-month warranty period no questions asked. The offer expands on HTC Corp. s current pledge to replace …

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