WhatsApp is down worldwide

WhatsApp is down
WhatsApp is down. Yes, you read that right. People are unable to send or receive chats or even load up conversations, according to users.

And there doesn’t seem to be any easy way of fixing the issue, which is affecting users worldwide.

According to hundreds of users on Twitter, the outage seems to have started around 30 minutes ago, and there’s no word (yet) as to when it might return.

Whats App is down worldwide on Twitter

DownDetector shows the platform being down in the areas its most widely used, such as across Europe, and in parts of Latin America including Brazil.

According to the website Down Detector, problems with the app began over the last hour. The last major outage hit WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve in 2015.

Skype App down for users around the World

Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t maintain a status page to alert users to when it is gone down. A Twitter account intended to serve that purpose hasn’t been updated since 2014.

We’ve reached out for comment as to what caused the outage, and when we might see WhatsApp fully-functional again and will update this post as needed.


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