Shahbaz Sharif Drives Metrobus (Picture Gallery)


Lahore (December 25, 2012): On the eve of birthday of founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhmmad Ali Jinnah, Chief Minister of Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif carried out a test run of the Metro Bus Service. The first of its kind in Pakistan, the Metro Bus Service will bring about a revolution in public transport.


Metrobus Route (Gajjumatta to Shadara) 32 Kilometer
A 32 kilometer dedicated lane for state of the art articulated buses has been constructed which includes an 8 kilometer flyover upon which two rotaries have been constructed. This structure is in itself an engineering marvel as such complex construction has never taken place before in Pakistan.


Latest Technology
Latest technology has been used on stations and a system of transport similar to that in Europe is being established. CM tested each and every component of the Metro Bus System and was satisfied with the arrangements made. Ecstatic crowds waved and cheered as CM drove past various localities.


Hi-Tech E-Card System
Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif using the hi-tech e-card system during test run of the Metro Bus Service. CM is seen tapping his e-card against the electronic sensor which opens the barrier to the station. Such technology has been introduced for the first time in Pakistan for public transport.


E-Ticketing System and Digital Boards
Platform of one of the stations of Metro Bus which is equipped with digital boards which state the duration after which the next bus is due and the direction where the bus is heading.
E-ticketing system has been installed at the platform similar to the one in London Underground.
Glass doors will be installed at each station which will open adjacent to the doors of the bus as it arrives.

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