Three Blasts in Khyber Super Market, 15 people killed and 45 injured: Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Three successive blasts in the Khyber Supermarket area of Peshawar killed 12 people and injured 43 people, officials confirmed.

According to initial reports, a cylinder blew up in a restaurant bustling with customers. As rescue workers, and journalists reached the spot to tend to those affected by the blast, two more blasts took place in quick succession.

Some eyewitnesses at the site claimed that up to eight dead bodies had been pulled from the rubble and rescue efforts were underway to rescue others from the debris of destroyed and damaged buildings. They say that the death toll could be higher.

The blasts were heard miles away and caused extensive damage to buildings around the blast site. One building was partially destroyed.

The injured have been shifted to Lady Reading Hospital and Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

Police and rescue teams have reached the area.

A number of journalists frequent the spot.

Express 24/7 correspondent Iftikhar Firdous said that the second blast took place five minutes after a cylinder blew up. A third blast took place a mere 60 seconds later.

He said that the initial blast injured one person, however the subsequent blasts caused greater damage pushing the death toll and injured into double figures.

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