Punjab Govt Issued Notification of Revised Pay Scale 2011, Pention and Allowances Raises

LAHORE: The Punjab government has issued a notification revising the basic pay scales, allowances and pensions of civil servants from July 1, as announced in the budget for 2011-12.

According to the notification, the Basic Pay Scales 2011 will apply to all civil servants drawing a salary under the Basic Pay Scales 2008 as of June 30, 2011.


The ad hoc relief allowance granted to civil servants since July 2009 has been discontinued.

The medical allowance admissible to civil servants in grades 16-22 at 15 per cent of their basic pay in BPS 2008 shall continue. The medical allowance to new entrants in grades 16-22 will also be at the rate of 15 per cent of the minimum basic pay in BPS 2008.

The house rent allowance and the allowance equal to initial or basic pay granted to Punjab government employees shall stand frozen at the level it was in June 2011.

Civil servants in grades 1 to 15 will be eligible for a conveyance allowance: Rs850 per month for grades 1-4, Rs1,150 for grades 5-10 and Rs1,360 for grades 11-15. Those already drawing a mobility allowance or car allowance in areas other than big cities can adopt the new allowance or keep receiving their previous allowance.


Pensioners who retired in or after July 2002 will get a raise of 15 per cent; those who retired in or before June 2002 will get a raise of 20 per cent.

Pensioners who retired in grades 1-15 will be eligible for a medical allowance of 25 per cent of their net pension and those in grades 16-22 of 20 per cent of their net pension as of June 2011. Those who retire in or after July 2011 will get a medical allowance at 25 per cent (grades 1-15) or 20 per cent (grades 16-22).

All civil servants must inform the accountant general in writing within 60 days of the issue of the notification whether they would prefer to continue to draw their salaries under the BPS 2008 or the new BPS 2011.

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20 thoughts on “Punjab Govt Issued Notification of Revised Pay Scale 2011, Pention and Allowances Raises

  1. sanjeev kumar

    Copy of notification of 6/47/2011/1FP II/521 dated 20th july 2011

    Please explain the pay fixation for higher responsibilities

  2. Arslan Ahmed

    Govt ko chahye 1-10 tak house rent allowance freze nai krna chahye 50000 say kam to koi ghar b karaye per nai milta

  3. Ibrar ahmad

    Punjab govt ko m.a m.ed teacher ko grade 16 dena chahye chahey wo pst ho m.a m.ed pst ko grade 14 zaroor milna chahye


    according to me there is nothing in the budget for grade 1 to 16 except scale revised ..and gud news for those people who were not receiving conveyance allowance in the small cities of punjab.

  5. Arshad Ali Bhatti

    central and provincial governments should raise a suitable special fund for the persons with disabilities.If jobs in special education enjoy a special a special allowance,then,the special people serving in departments without disability should be given a special allowance.But not a chairty ,it is their lawful right and the punjab government should pay a heed towards it.I HOPE MY COMMENTS WILL BE GIVEN IMPORTANCE.

  6. arslan

    yes its means that the Punjab Govt. does not increase 25% conveyance allowance.

    as soon i received notification i will inform all of my friends.


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