Dunya News Exposed Indian Media Propeganda against Pakistan

Lahore (May 10, 2012): Dunya News has exposed Indian media claim that three Pakistani ‘terrorists’ entered Mumbai.
Dunya News Exposes Indian Media Propaganda
According to details, the Indian TV channel India Today aired a concocted news that Mumbai police have released pictures of three Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists and claimed that they have entered Mumbai.

Dunya News exposed Indian media propaganda and talked to these persons who are present in Lahore. Two of them are traders of Hafeez Centre while the third is a security guard.

Talking to Dunya News they said that they never went to India nor they have ever applied for Indian visa. They expressed concern about the Indian channel propaganda.

Meanwhile, the traders’ community has announced to stage protest against the evil designs of the Indian media and demanded of the government to take notice of this incident.

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